I am a feminist academic with an interest in gender in male dominated industries, including academia and the construction industry. My work explores how gender intersects with other social identities including disability and migratory status. My work is informed by intersectionality and social relational models of gender and disability. I am a Professor of Gender and Employment Studies at Heriot Watt University. My current research projects include:

  • disability and STEM careers
  • disability and academic careers
  • parenting in academia
  • in work poverty
  • nonhuman animals in organisations

My teaching includes Research Methodology (philosophy for management PhD students) and issues facing the contemporary workforce including gender inequalities, disability, migration, human trafficking, critical race theory and work-life interactions.

This page began as a way to promote my research project with migrant academics. I will provide updates as the project progresses and some ‘postcards’ from my travels around Australia and New Zealand. More recently it has become a more general forum for discussing my academic work (teaching and research) as well as using that work to inform short think pieces on things I see in the news.

Please do get in touch if you would like to hear more about any of my research or would like me to write something for your blog or OpEd pieces k.sang@hw.ac.uk
I can be found on Twitter as @katesang

Please also check out my new OA journal http://ipedjournal.com/ @IPEDJournal


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